Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, I know Canada had theirs last month, but we should all stop and take a moment to be grateful for what we have. Count our blessings? Yes.

I’m thankful I have a job that allows me to live independently.

I’m thankful that I have a wonderful mother and I live near her.

I’m thankful for all my worldly possessions, which includes my car.

But mostly I’m thankful for my health and my mom’s health because that allows me to live with a certain quality of life.

I’m thankful for all my new author friends and for my publisher who has taken a chance on me.

Actually this list could go on and on.  We forget that we live in a country that allows us to have such standards that we don’t have to think about about basic things like clean water. Hunger is because I forgot to eat, and not because there is no food or that I can’t afford it. And yes, I know that not everyone has what I have, but we all still have so much more than so many people in this world.

I grumble because it is raining this morning and not because I don’t have enough containers to collect precious raindrops. Yet, I’m sitting here at home telecommuting with fuzzy slippers on my feet, trying to figure out which restaurant Mom and I can go to for dinner on Thanksgiving, because there’s no point in her cooking for two.  How sad is that? Not!

We take too many things for granted. We forget what our forefathers went through to survive in this new land. We forget that the “Indians” helped us to survive. We forget about the amount of blood that was shed to preserve our way of life and to help others find the freedom that we enjoy and take for granted.

There are times I don’t agree with our President or other political leaders in this land, but I’m not afraid I will be beheaded for saying it. My fellow sisters are allowed to have an education and follow their dreams. I’m glad I can wear a bathing suit and not be punished for it. And I’m glad I can read what I want, write what I want, and date who I want.

Thanksgiving is about family and coming together, but it’s also about so much more. I hope everyone takes a few moments to think about how lucky they are. And while you are enjoying your turkey, let your family know how much you love them and let those who could not join you this year know that you love them, too!

All life is fragile. Please handle with care! Happy Thanksgiving!


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