Book Blast with Goddess Fish Promotions

Wow! It was crazy and fun. One of the host bloggers, Lauren Seiberling of was so nice! She even emailed me ahead of time to welcome me. But if I ever do it again, I will take the day off from work. I can usually take ten minutes to do something personal when I’m working, but I caGFPn’t take a half hour here and there. Twenty-six blogs were a lot to constantly check and I was caught in a meeting most of the day.

I missed my morning run and I’ll miss tomorrow’s. I’ve already reset my alarm to let me sleep in.

I just hope the whole thing brings me some readers. I don’t want to say buy my book, even though I want people to buy it. Why can’t they just find me and buy it? Why won’t someone look at the blurb and think that it sounds interesting? Maybe the book has too much story? Maybe people only want to read about the sex? Yeah, I know, go to bed. I will.

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